The perfect anniversary gift to spoil your wanderlust partner

Meeting the love of your life thousands of miles from home sounds like something out of a movie, but that’s exactly what happened to me. In December of 2017, I walked down to the hostel bar at Bodega Slumber Party Hostel in Chiang Mai, Thailand and met a guy. Another solo traveler from Pennsylvania who spoke eagerly about making the world a better place, Kevin and I hit it off immediately. We spent the entire night getting to know each other, and when he encouraged me to cancel my flight the next day, I felt compelled to listen to my gut. ️ When I finally left Thailand days later, I considered it nothing more than a travel romance – a story I’d hold close forever… But fate had better plans for us. Fast forward to today, I get to wake up every morning next to the love of my life, my “travel romance” that turned my life upside down. He has become my best friend, my most valuable teammate, my greatest supporter and my favorite person to explore the globe with. Travel has been a part of our relationship since Day One, so it felt only fitting that for our one year anniversary, I’d get him something that would allow us to actively memorialize all of the incredible places we’ve seen and bring awareness to all of the beautiful locations we have yet to explore together.

You can get your own personalized travel map – for your loved one, as a wedding gift, or even for yourself – here.

I want to hear YOUR travel story. What is the most special thing that has happened to you while traveling? Comment below!

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