About Me

“Why am I doing this? What prompted me to want to expose myself in such a real and vulnerable way? Why do I care to share my real-life experiences and the insights I’ve collected over time?”


My story may be different from yours but here’s what I do know: there are underlying principles of humanity that unite us all. And we can use these underlying principles to connect ourselves to the billions of people across the globe who share our same humanness. But before we can ever truly connect to the world around us, we have to take some time to connect with ourselves. We have to SEE ourselves as we are, and allow ourselves to be bigger than our bodies. We need to dream bigger and stop settling for less.So why am I doing this? To speak my story. To share my truths. To live deeply and authentically, leading by example to help other people find their own authenticity.—As your Whole Person Coach, I will help you find your own authenticity so you can live a life you thought was only possible in your dreams. This is not therapy – we won’t focus on the past or diagnose you based on an existing set of conditions. This is not consulting – I don’t provide advice or “do the work” for you. What I will do is create a confidential, judgment-free space for you to express who you are as you learn to feel at home in your own skin. We will go through some exercises together to help us both identify and understand the areas you’d like to work on together. I will remain curious with you, asking dozens of thoughtful questions, hearing you fully and completely as you unravel your own brilliance.I will help you define your dream life and, most importantly, I will help you get there.